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Blogging Is Not Easy

I would like to begin this blog post with a warning. It contains comments about blogging that will likely be considered boring by those who are already familiar with blogging. In addition, what is said in it may sound like comments from someone who is something of a “newbie” when it comes to blogging. However, the title of this particular blog entry might have been enough of a warning about the content of the entry. So I suppose that many of those who are reading this may want to avoid reading the rest of this post.

To those who are still reading this at this point, I would like to say that it is good to have you still reading this. I have considered this blog, among other things, a journal in which I document what it is that I have to say each time I write a blog post. It is for this reason that I consider it worthwhile to have a blog, even if I do not have many people reading what is posted here. However, I do need reasons to motivate me to add onto what I have here. And having people view what is here is most likely what will motivate me to add onto what I have here. And how can I get people to want to read what is here? Well, I’m sure that the content here would have to be interesting, and I would need to find ways to get people to know about and be interested in what I put up here. And I am sure that over time, I will improve on my ability to make the content here more interesting and my ability to inform people of this content. And I will certainly need to find ways to improve on this blog’s content and the way I inform people about it, with the apparent lack of interest in what I posted here last week.

Having said this, I suppose I could say that perhaps the title of this entry was not perfectly accurate. Blogging may be easy to do. It’s doing it well that is not easy. I’m not sure what the future might hold for this blog, but I know of one thing that is in its future. With the way that I have enjoyed working with it, it will certainly continue to be here.