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This Blog Will Be on an Indefinite Hiatus

I have worked on this blog for more than two years. And during that time, I have posted new material to it at least once every few weeks. And I have enjoyed the time that I have spent writing about topics that I have found interesting. However, the time for me to focus on other […]

Using Gmail’s Filters and Labels to Organize Data

When users of Gmail are asked why they prefer to use Gmail, they may give many different answers. Some Gmail users might say that they like how Gmail offers a large amount of storage space. Some of them may use Gmail because of its spam filtering capabilities. Some of them like the features that it […]

Why I Set Up a Twitter Account

Previously, I had not found that I needed to post anything to this blog that was up to the minute. And I previously never found that I needed to post anything that was 140 characters in length or less. For these reasons, I never set up an account on Twitter. I could have used a […]

Changes and Future Directions

Sometimes I need to take a break from posting what I usually write about so that I can consider changes to make to this blog. I have tried to keep myself busy by ensuring that I finish writing a good and informative post here at least once every two weeks. However, I understand the importance […]

One Programmer’s View of How Programmers View Resumes

I try not to bore those who would read what I write. Therefore, I consider it at least somewhat important to make the material that I write here at least somewhat entertaining. For that reason, I wanted to write a post here that would be considered humourous. I have had some difficulty in trying to […]

My Reaction to One of My Posts Being Overrated by Google

One would think that I would be quite pleased when I see that one of my blog posts appear among the first ten results returned by Google when a commonly entered search term is entered into Google. However, there is one post that I had recently written that I do not believe is worthy of […]

My Vacation is Over

It has been more than two weeks since I have posted anything here. This has been one of the longest periods of time between posts to this blog. I had been on a two week vacation, and I have taken a vacation from posting here. And during that time, I have taken time to think […]

Link Verifier: A WordPress Plugin for Checking Links in Blog Entries

If you are a blogger, you likely understand the importance of ensuring that what you post to your blog is as good as it can be before you publish it. You try to determine whether or not there are better ways of expressing ideas that you wish to convey. You take out anything in it […]

Making the Best of an Unfortunate Situation

I am presently facing the kind of difficulty that I am sure many other bloggers have encountered. And it is not writer’s block, or anything else related to anything that tends to be be addressed by those who give tips about blogging. The difficulty that I am presently having is that the computer that I […]

Improving on How I Write

It has seemed to me that articles found on sites such as Digg on how one can improve one’s blog have been appearing more often. And it also seems that there are more books available for those looking to improve their blogs. Or perhaps it is that I have been paying more attention to what […]