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Making the Best of an Unfortunate Situation

I am presently facing the kind of difficulty that I am sure many other bloggers have encountered. And it is not writer’s block, or anything else related to anything that tends to be be addressed by those who give tips about blogging. The difficulty that I am presently having is that the computer that I primarily use needs to be serviced, and I do not own another computer.

During this time that I have needed to access the web from other places, it has been a challenge for me to keep this blog updated. In addition to the most obvious difficulty of being unable to log into my account as often, there are other difficulties that I am having. I am unable to work on any of the software projects that I have been working on, and I am unable to spend as much time looking online for anything to write about. I knew that I was quite dependent on my personal computer, and I did not think that I needed this reminder of exactly how dependent upon it I have been.

However, it has been during this time that I have found that I may have relied on my PC more than I should have. With my PC unavailable to me at this time, I have considered this a time to read a few books that I have been trying to find the time to read. It was in my last post that I said that people tend to read from paper differently from how they read what is on a screen. And so it is during this time that I have been able to take time to learn about concepts that I have been trying to learn about in what may be a more thorough fashion. Finding other ways to occupy my time has given me an opportunity to find different ways of approaching problems other than approaching them through the use of a computer.

I can think of this as a break that I am taking from the routine of looking online for information and from the work I do in writing software code. Time away from the computer can be valuable and I am getting a reminder of how valuable that time can be. I certainly do need to have access to my PC and the web for what I do. I have been looking to take the time to give Firefox 3 Beta 2 a test drive, and I am considering getting those Greasemonkey scripts that I have been working on released as soon as possible. I have not been sure what exactly should be considered a higher priority among what it is that I have planned on doing. However, time away from what I have done has helped me find out what is most important. And that is one of a few reasons that having to take this break from my usual routines could be quite beneficial for me in the long run.