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Category Archives: Google Chrome

DNS Prefetching and the SPDY Protocol: Attempts by Google to Make Web Browsing More Efficient

To follow up on the previous entry that I wrote here, I considered writing about DNS prefetching in the Google Chrome web browser. After writing about Chrome’s JavaScript performance, I thought it might be appropriate to mention that web pages may appear more quickly in Chrome when DNS prefetching is enabled in it. It was […]

Benchmarking of JavaScript Performance: Firefox 3.5 vs. Google Chrome 3.0

Many web pages and web applications rely on JavaScript. That is the reason JavaScript performance in web browsers tends to be considered a high priority by browser vendors. There may be other factors that affect browser performance, as browsers are not simply JavaScript engines. This was mentioned by a senior product manager on the Internet […]

Explanations of What Makes Google Chrome Fast and Efficient

Ever since I started using Google Chrome, I have been very impressed with its speed. I wondered what it is about this web browser that makes it as fast and efficient as it is. I decided to do some research on what makes it faster than other browsers that I have used. I have read […]