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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Can I Choose My Side Projects?

I would like to begin this blog post with an apology. I certainly do believe that I owe one to David Hansmann and the users of his file transfer client software named JFtp. A while ago, I volunteered to make some contributions to this software. And I did so by adding features to it (and […]

Simplifying Searching Specific Sites

With Google being the one of the most useful websites there are, and with the way it tends to be the place people tend to go to when looking for information online, many people set it to being the home page of their browsers. After opening a web browser, it is best to have it […]

I Blog, Therefore I Am? (Or, I Am, Therefore I Blog?)

As someone who considers himself an individual who tries to keep up with the times in the online world, it may come as a surprise that it is only now that I have started a weblog. I have been familiar with them, but I have never found it necessary for me to have a blog […]