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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Improving on How I Write

It has seemed to me that articles found on sites such as Digg on how one can improve one’s blog have been appearing more often. And it also seems that there are more books available for those looking to improve their blogs. Or perhaps it is that I have been paying more attention to what […]

Blogging at the Speed of Updates to Gmail-Related Software

When I post to this blog, I prefer to do what I can to ensure that what I write here is well-written. So before publishing an entry here, I invest the necessary amounts of time to ensure that what I write here meets the standards that I have set for this blog. Unfortunately, the amount […]

For Those Who Still Want Gmail the Old-Fashioned Way (Despite Improvements Made to Gmail 2.0)

I was going to write a short entry here in which I mention an update that I made to a Greasemonkey script that I wrote that works with Gmail. The update to this script that redirects the user from the newer version of Gmail to the older one was released two days ago. I am […]