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Monthly Archives: July 2008

An Update I Would Not Be Expected to Perform on a Script That I May Not Keep Updated

As my frequency of visits to Digg decreases, the probability of me writing Greasemonkey scripts that work with Digg also decreases. Plans that I had for writing scripts that work with Digg have been ranked lower among my priorities, and the completion and release of these scripts will occur later than I originally expected. In […]

Link Verifier: A WordPress Plugin for Checking Links in Blog Entries

If you are a blogger, you likely understand the importance of ensuring that what you post to your blog is as good as it can be before you publish it. You try to determine whether or not there are better ways of expressing ideas that you wish to convey. You take out anything in it […]

Documentation of and Experimentation with the New Version of Greasemonkey

In the previous entry here, the release of the newest version of Firefox was mentioned. Also mentioned in that entry was the release of a new version of Greasemonkey that coincided with the release of this new version of Firefox. I mentioned that what may have been most important about this new version of Greasemonkey […]