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Category Archives: Greasemonkey

Using Gmail’s Filters and Labels to Organize Data

When users of Gmail are asked why they prefer to use Gmail, they may give many different answers. Some Gmail users might say that they like how Gmail offers a large amount of storage space. Some of them may use Gmail because of its spam filtering capabilities. Some of them like the features that it […]

Why I Set Up a Twitter Account

Previously, I had not found that I needed to post anything to this blog that was up to the minute. And I previously never found that I needed to post anything that was 140 characters in length or less. For these reasons, I never set up an account on Twitter. I could have used a […]

Do Not Remember Me: A Greasemonkey Script for Those Who Do Not Want to Be “Remembered” by Websites

It seems that nearly every website that has a form for logging into it includes an option for having the website “remember” the user. Some users find it convenient to be “remembered” by sites, as when they are remembered, they will not need to enter their usernames and passwords as often. However, there are disadvantages […]

The Importance of NoScript’s Surrogate Scripts

The tradeoff between security and convenience is one that users often face when browsing the web. Those who prefer security at the expense of convenience would prefer to use the Firefox extension called NoScript, which is an extension whose name emphasizes the measures it takes to secure the browser. There are those who would say […]

A Defence of a Greasemonkey Script That I Never Thought I Would Defend

It was almost a year ago that I quickly wrote a Greasemonkey user script titled “Web Form Data Analyzer.” This script, which can be found here, is one that modifies the action attributes of <form> tags of web pages so that submitted form data is redirected to a page that displays exactly what data gets […]

User Feedback Still Driving the Development of My Greasemonkey Script for Embedded YouTube Videos

I have mentioned before that the software that I have written is written primarily for myself. However, I sometimes gradually lose interest in using the software that I wrote for myself. When this happens, I am not as likely to discover errors in what I wrote. Therefore, those who use what I wrote test my […]

Minor Updates to Software That I Wrote

Although I am not sure what kind of software I should write next, I am certain that I will maintain and update what I have already written. And I have recently found that I needed to update one of my Greasemonkey scripts as well as the Firefox extension that I wrote. The Greasemonkey script that […]

Making a Greasemonkey Script for Embedded YouTube Videos Work with More Embedded Videos

As I have mentioned a number of times here before, I always appreciate receiving feedback about the software that I write. I need feedback from the users of my software in order to ensure that my software works as it should, and to know how I can make improvements to what I write. And I […]

For Internet Explorer Users Who Want Gmail the Old-Fashioned Way

I was aware of the existence of add-ons for Internet Explorer that give it the ability to run user scripts. I was also aware of the possibility that there are Internet Explorer users who would like to be able to use JavaScript scripts that modify web pages, without having to use Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey in order to do […]

How Not to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

SQL injection vulnerabilities have existed and have been exploited for several years. However, as is often the case with a class of security vulnerabilities, such vulnerabilities continue to exist long after methods of preventing these vulnerabilities become well-known. One might think that certain commonly-used SQL injection attack methods would not succeed long after they become […]