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Why I Set Up a Twitter Account

Previously, I had not found that I needed to post anything to this blog that was up to the minute. And I previously never found that I needed to post anything that was 140 characters in length or less. For these reasons, I never set up an account on Twitter. I could have used a Twitter account to post information on when this blog is updated. However, I did not think that there would be anything that I would “tweet” other than information on blog updates. That was until a few incidents that occurred recently.

I found that I needed to update the Greasemonkey user script that I wrote titled “Do Not Remember Me” a few weeks ago. There was a very minor adjustment that I needed to make to it after a change was made to the Google Accounts login form. I chose not to write a blog post about this update, as this update was a very minor one. However, if I had a Twitter account at the time, information on this update could have been posted there. Also, the Firefox extension that I wrote titled “Bookmark Current Tab Set” is now considered public and is no longer considered experimental. This change of the status of this Firefox extension is more information that I thought would be better suited to a Twitter post than to a post to this blog.

You may find me on Twitter here. I am not sure how often I will be posting to my Twitter account. However, I plan on posting to it, as I plan on continuing to post to this blog, and I plan on “tweeting” about updates to this blog.