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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Twitter XSS Worm and Lessons That Can Be Learned From It

In the last entry that I wrote here, I mentioned the XSS worm that affected Twitter. In this entry, I describe this worm in greater detail. In addition, I explain what can be done by end users so that they can avoid being victims of attacks such as these. This worm infected the profiles of […]

Do Not Remember Me: A Greasemonkey Script for Those Who Do Not Want to Be “Remembered” by Websites

It seems that nearly every website that has a form for logging into it includes an option for having the website “remember” the user. Some users find it convenient to be “remembered” by sites, as when they are remembered, they will not need to enter their usernames and passwords as often. However, there are disadvantages […]

One Programmer’s View of How Programmers View Resumes

I try not to bore those who would read what I write. Therefore, I consider it at least somewhat important to make the material that I write here at least somewhat entertaining. For that reason, I wanted to write a post here that would be considered humourous. I have had some difficulty in trying to […]