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One Programmer’s View of How Programmers View Resumes

I try not to bore those who would read what I write. Therefore, I consider it at least somewhat important to make the material that I write here at least somewhat entertaining. For that reason, I wanted to write a post here that would be considered humourous. I have had some difficulty in trying to find any humourous material to write about. That is, until I came across this amusing blog post to write about.

This blog post was one that I discovered at a time when I was unsure what to write about next. It was one of those serendipitous moments that sometimes occur when I am unsure what to write about. I was testing a Greasemonkey user script with sites that have login forms. And it was while I was testing that script with the login form on Reddit that I came across a link to this comic on how programmers read resumes that was a part of this blog post.

In that blog post, that comic preceded what the author of it referred to as “real tips” that were in the form of links to articles elsewhere on the web. While that post may have been intended to be comical, the humour in it must have been based on the author’s opinions. And from what I was able to glean from viewing his website, he is a programmer who has been involved in hiring programmers. Perhaps what was noted there was based on his experiences in working with other programmers. He as well as some other programmers may be biased toward those who have their e-mail addresses at their own domains, and have compiled their resumes using LaTeX. There may be those who would be disinterested in candidates who would list Visual Basic first among the programming languages that these candidates know. And I can certainly understand why programmers would prefer to hire those would write their own compilers or operating systems.

I cannot be certain as to how accurate that comic may be. Its accuracy, or lack thereof, is debatable. However, that comic was found to be humourous by many individuals. It was the kind of material that I would occasionally like to have here. I would like to be able to find a way to make my own material amusing. Until I can find ways to do that, perhaps I will work on writing a compiler or an operating system.