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DNS Prefetching and the SPDY Protocol: Attempts by Google to Make Web Browsing More Efficient

To follow up on the previous entry that I wrote here, I considered writing about DNS prefetching in the Google Chrome web browser. After writing about Chrome’s JavaScript performance, I thought it might be appropriate to mention that web pages may appear more quickly in Chrome when DNS prefetching is enabled in it. It was […]

Benchmarking of JavaScript Performance: Firefox 3.5 vs. Google Chrome 3.0

Many web pages and web applications rely on JavaScript. That is the reason JavaScript performance in web browsers tends to be considered a high priority by browser vendors. There may be other factors that affect browser performance, as browsers are not simply JavaScript engines. This was mentioned by a senior product manager on the Internet […]

Explanations of What Makes Google Chrome Fast and Efficient

Ever since I started using Google Chrome, I have been very impressed with its speed. I wondered what it is about this web browser that makes it as fast and efficient as it is. I decided to do some research on what makes it faster than other browsers that I have used. I have read […]

My Reaction to One of My Posts Being Overrated by Google

One would think that I would be quite pleased when I see that one of my blog posts appear among the first ten results returned by Google when a commonly entered search term is entered into Google. However, there is one post that I had recently written that I do not believe is worthy of […]

How Google Had Me Mistaken for a Bot

As trusted as Google is, and as infallible as it may sometimes seem, sometimes mistakes are made by Google’s services. In fact, a rather amusing error appeared in Google News recently. When Russian troops entered the former Soviet republic of Georgia, a story about it on Google News included a map that indicated that these […]

Cookie Revealer: One Reason Greasemonkey Should Allow Its Scripts Access to Cookies

Log off. That cookie s— makes me nervous. –Tony Soprano The malicious activity that can result from Greasemonkey scripts having the ability to access cookies has been a topic of discussion among Greasemonkey aficionados. Cookie-related Greasemonkey issues and the possible solutions to them were mentioned in the recent trilogy of entries on this blog about […]

Better YouTube: Coming Soon to a Browser Near You?

In the first few days after writing the previous blog entry here, I found myself uncertain of what to write here next. However, it seemed as if the decision regarding what I should write next was made for me after this previous blog entry was featured on Lifehacker. It was after this happened that I […]

Simplifying Searching Specific Sites

With Google being the one of the most useful websites there are, and with the way it tends to be the place people tend to go to when looking for information online, many people set it to being the home page of their browsers. After opening a web browser, it is best to have it […]