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Category Archives: Digg

An Update I Would Not Be Expected to Perform on a Script That I May Not Keep Updated

As my frequency of visits to Digg decreases, the probability of me writing Greasemonkey scripts that work with Digg also decreases. Plans that I had for writing scripts that work with Digg have been ranked lower among my priorities, and the completion and release of these scripts will occur later than I originally expected. In […]

Searching Less and Finding More on Digg

Quite a while ago, I mentioned that I was writing a Greasemonkey user script that would allow users to perform advanced searches on Digg without having to search for anything on Digg first. It was actually not long after I wrote the script for automatically sorting search results on Digg by which ones received the […]

Improving on How I Write

It has seemed to me that articles found on sites such as Digg on how one can improve one’s blog have been appearing more often. And it also seems that there are more books available for those looking to improve their blogs. Or perhaps it is that I have been paying more attention to what […]

Link to YouTube Video Pages from Embedded YouTube Videos

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that there were two Greasemonkey scripts that I was working on, both of which would be used with However, putting finishing touches on these scripts is taking longer than expected because of the recent redesign of Digg. Functionality-wise, the scripts are complete, and I have, in fact, […]

Self-Imposed Software Release Deadlines and Blog Filler

A pattern appears to have formed thus far in the blog entries that I have written. I have been alternating between writing an entry about software that I have written and writing entries that are not specific to any particular software from me. The latter kinds of entries might be considered ones that are primarily […]

Searching Digg for What Has Actually Been Dugg

It seems that each day I visit the popular website Digg as part of my daily routine, I find at least one interesting story there. With this happening, the number of articles that I add to my own bookmarks there (or “digg”) on that site on that site increases. Over time what happens is that […]