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Self-Imposed Software Release Deadlines and Blog Filler

A pattern appears to have formed thus far in the blog entries that I have written. I have been alternating between writing an entry about software that I have written and writing entries that are not specific to any particular software from me. The latter kinds of entries might be considered ones that are primarily there in order to maintain posting frequency, as I understand the importance of keeping this blog updated. This blog has so far been primarily about the software that I write, with entries where I comment on this software. And then there are the entries here where I post commentary in between the entries about this software. And this post is one of these latter kinds of entries.

At this time, I am working on two different Greasemonkey scripts that should be released shortly. Both of them will work with Digg, and one of them may make my previous script for Digg obsolete. Blog entries will be posted about these scripts here once they are released, as is the case with each one I write. They may be released soon, but not before I’ll need to enter at least one post here not related specifically to any software I have written. If I were able to make either of these scripts available at this time, this entry might not be here. So I maintain this blog by putting this entry here as something of a placeholder entry to inform users of my software of what I am doing. But would this be considered filler? That may depend on what one would define as filler. But perhaps it is an oversimplification to classify blog entries as filler and non-filler, and it might be best to not think of these entries in such a dichotomous way. This post might be here mostly because this blog is due for an entry, but it is serving the purpose of informing people who read this of what I am doing.

It is naturally easier to blog when there is something to blog about. And what this blog has been primarily about is the software that I write. And thus, it is easier for me to add to this blog when I have software posted here to write about. And as I try to keep this blog updated, I may occasionally need to write entries such as these that I, for one, do not consider as interesting as the software-specific entries. And as I want as little as possible of anything that could be considered filler here, I may be forced to release these scripts before they are quite as well-written as they could be. This blog, with the way I need to maintain it, has forced me to continue producing code to keep it interesting. However, it could also force me to release software that is not very well-written, with the way I now have these self-imposed deadlines for writing these scripts and their associated blog entries. Although I do plan on coming up with new versions of the software I write, I prefer not to release anything prematurely. Having said all of this, you may not be sure of exactly what I mean when I say this software may not be as good as it could be. Unfortunately, you may find out about what I mean when these scripts come out. However, when these scripts come out, I’ll be open to suggestions on how they can be improved. And opening discussions between myself and those who use what I produce is one of the main reasons for the existence of this blog.