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Category Archives: Firefox

Benchmarking of JavaScript Performance: Firefox 3.5 vs. Google Chrome 3.0

Many web pages and web applications rely on JavaScript. That is the reason JavaScript performance in web browsers tends to be considered a high priority by browser vendors. There may be other factors that affect browser performance, as browsers are not simply JavaScript engines. This was mentioned by a senior product manager on the Internet […]

Why I Set Up a Twitter Account

Previously, I had not found that I needed to post anything to this blog that was up to the minute. And I previously never found that I needed to post anything that was 140 characters in length or less. For these reasons, I never set up an account on Twitter. I could have used a […]

Bookmark Current Tab Set 0.2.2 Released

I was quite busy shortly before version 3.5 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser was released. I was unable to take the time needed to ensure that Bookmark Current Tab Set, the extension for Firefox that I wrote, was compatible with this newer version of Firefox. I was unfortunately unable to make this extension compatible […]

URL Shortening Services and Their Security Implications

URL shortening services such as have been in existence for years. These services that are used for creating shorter versions of long URLs have been considered useful for a long time. Now that micro-blogging services such as Twitter are often used, and because some of these services enforce a limit of 140 characters per […]

Adblock Plus vs. NoScript: Inside the Dispute Between Two of the Best-Known Firefox Extensions

Whenever there is a dispute between two parties, discovering all of the important facts regarding the dispute can be difficult. There are two sides to every story about disputes between two parties. Those on one side of the dispute may accuse those on the other side of it of not being perfectly honest when giving […]

The Importance of NoScript’s Surrogate Scripts

The tradeoff between security and convenience is one that users often face when browsing the web. Those who prefer security at the expense of convenience would prefer to use the Firefox extension called NoScript, which is an extension whose name emphasizes the measures it takes to secure the browser. There are those who would say […]

A Defence of a Greasemonkey Script That I Never Thought I Would Defend

It was almost a year ago that I quickly wrote a Greasemonkey user script titled “Web Form Data Analyzer.” This script, which can be found here, is one that modifies the action attributes of <form> tags of web pages so that submitted form data is redirected to a page that displays exactly what data gets […]

My Reaction to One of My Posts Being Overrated by Google

One would think that I would be quite pleased when I see that one of my blog posts appear among the first ten results returned by Google when a commonly entered search term is entered into Google. However, there is one post that I had recently written that I do not believe is worthy of […]

Minor Updates to Software That I Wrote

Although I am not sure what kind of software I should write next, I am certain that I will maintain and update what I have already written. And I have recently found that I needed to update one of my Greasemonkey scripts as well as the Firefox extension that I wrote. The Greasemonkey script that […]

noXSS: A Firefox Extension for Defending Against Reflected XSS Attacks

After writing a Firefox extension that is still considered experimental, I decided to try to discover which Firefox extensions are the best ones that are considered experimental. After taking some time to look for experimental extensions to install, I came across one called “noXSS”, which can be found on this page on AMO. This extension, […]