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Category Archives: Firefox

Bookmark Current Tab Set 0.2.0 Released

When I first wrote my Firefox extension titled “Bookmark Current Tab Set”, I decided to release once it successfully did only what I wanted it to do. However, I later wanted this extension to do more, and other users may have also wanted it to do more. Releasing an extension that did little other than […]

Going Beyond Programming When Writing Firefox Extensions

Those who write software code often prefer to focus solely on writing software code. However, as software is written for individuals who would use it, the actual writing of software is only one part of a larger picture. Some coders, myself included, write software to address their own personal needs. However, what these coders write […]

For Internet Explorer Users Who Want Gmail the Old-Fashioned Way

I was aware of the existence of add-ons for Internet Explorer that give it the ability to run user scripts. I was also aware of the possibility that there are Internet Explorer users who would like to be able to use JavaScript scripts that modify web pages, without having to use Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey in order to do […]

Bookmark Current Tab Set: A Firefox Extension for Quickly Bookmarking All Tabs

Several months ago, I mentioned that when I browse the web, I often find that I want the ability to reopen the set of browser tabs that I have open at a later time. I mentioned then that I often chose the option to bookmark all tabs, and give the bookmark folder in which these […]

How Not to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

SQL injection vulnerabilities have existed and have been exploited for several years. However, as is often the case with a class of security vulnerabilities, such vulnerabilities continue to exist long after methods of preventing these vulnerabilities become well-known. One might think that certain commonly-used SQL injection attack methods would not succeed long after they become […]

Documentation of and Experimentation with the New Version of Greasemonkey

In the previous entry here, the release of the newest version of Firefox was mentioned. Also mentioned in that entry was the release of a new version of Greasemonkey that coincided with the release of this new version of Firefox. I mentioned that what may have been most important about this new version of Greasemonkey […]

Firefox 3: Not the Only Software Release for Which Firefox Users Have Been Waiting

Many have been awaiting the release of Mozilla Firefox version 3.0, as this version of the Firefox web browser will have many improvements over previous versions of it. I was not quite able to wait until the expected release date of June 17th to be able to start using Firefox 3. So I decided to […]

Copying Data About Browser Tab Content, One Tab at a Time

I have recently considered writing another entry here in which I would list Greasemonkey user scripts that are useful for a certain purpose. And when I search for scripts to write about, I ensure that I am able to provide links to the pages on on which these scripts can be found. So […]

Searching Less and Finding More on Digg

Quite a while ago, I mentioned that I was writing a Greasemonkey user script that would allow users to perform advanced searches on Digg without having to search for anything on Digg first. It was actually not long after I wrote the script for automatically sorting search results on Digg by which ones received the […]

Cookie Revealer: One Reason Greasemonkey Should Allow Its Scripts Access to Cookies

Log off. That cookie s— makes me nervous. –Tony Soprano The malicious activity that can result from Greasemonkey scripts having the ability to access cookies has been a topic of discussion among Greasemonkey aficionados. Cookie-related Greasemonkey issues and the possible solutions to them were mentioned in the recent trilogy of entries on this blog about […]