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Bookmark Current Tab Set: A Firefox Extension for Quickly Bookmarking All Tabs

Several months ago, I mentioned that when I browse the web, I often find that I want the ability to reopen the set of browser tabs that I have open at a later time. I mentioned then that I often chose the option to bookmark all tabs, and give the bookmark folder in which these bookmarks are to be stored a name that is based on the date that this new folder for storing these bookmarks was created. Although I noted then that doing this leads to clutter in my bookmarks, it was something that I continued to do. In fact, I did this so often, I wanted to be able to automate this process. This is a process that can be automated via a Firefox extension, so I began work on an extension that could perform this task.

It was only after I began writing this extension that I discovered that an extension that performs this task already existed. This extension, titled “Bookmark All”, can also be used to quickly bookmark all open tabs and store them in a bookmark folder whose name contains the date the folder was created. However, this extension is not compatible with Firefox 3. There are some extensions that can be easily upgraded so that they will work with Firefox 3. However, this extension was not one of them. So after seeing that at least a few individuals wanted this extension to be compatible with Firefox 3, I made this extension work with Firefox 3.

This extension is about as basic as Firefox extensions get. It only adds options to menus for creating these bookmark folders, and it has no configuration options. In future versions of the extension, there may be options for adjusting the format of the names of the folders created by the extension. There may also be an option for informing the user when the bookmarking of tabs is complete. Options for sorting tabs in a particular order in the folder could also be included. This extension does what I would like it to do at this time. However, I would like it to be useful to as many people as possible by adding features its users would want.

At this time, this extension is considered experimental at However, you may install this extension if you have an account on You may click here to visit the page on AMO where this extension can be found. This is the first Firefox extension that I have written, and it may appear to be one that was written by someone who was only beginning to learn about writing Firefox extensions. Feedback on what I have written is welcome as always. I would like to know how I can make improvements to this extension, as newer versions of it will be released in the future.