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Using Gmail’s Filters and Labels to Organize Data

When users of Gmail are asked why they prefer to use Gmail, they may give many different answers. Some Gmail users might say that they like how Gmail offers a large amount of storage space. Some of them may use Gmail because of its spam filtering capabilities. Some of them like the features that it […]

My Vacation is Over

It has been more than two weeks since I have posted anything here. This has been one of the longest periods of time between posts to this blog. I had been on a two week vacation, and I have taken a vacation from posting here. And during that time, I have taken time to think […]

Link Verifier: A WordPress Plugin for Checking Links in Blog Entries

If you are a blogger, you likely understand the importance of ensuring that what you post to your blog is as good as it can be before you publish it. You try to determine whether or not there are better ways of expressing ideas that you wish to convey. You take out anything in it […]

I Blog, Therefore I Am? (Or, I Am, Therefore I Blog?)

As someone who considers himself an individual who tries to keep up with the times in the online world, it may come as a surprise that it is only now that I have started a weblog. I have been familiar with them, but I have never found it necessary for me to have a blog […]