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I Blog, Therefore I Am? (Or, I Am, Therefore I Blog?)

As someone who considers himself an individual who tries to keep up with the times in the online world, it may come as a surprise that it is only now that I have started a weblog. I have been familiar with them, but I have never found it necessary for me to have a blog of my own. Very many other people may blog, but I was certainly not interested in blogging simply because it was something that many other people do. In addition, I did not think anything that I would blog would be of interest to many people. Anything that I would have to share may not be considered interesting enough, or “blogworthy” as I believe the appropriate term for it is here in the blogosphere.

However, the idea for starting one occurred to me when I decided that, as a coder who enjoys working on various side projects, I could post what I find and create in a blog. I could also share my work and ideas among any others who might be interested in them. And starting a blog appeared to be a very good, if not ideal, way of going about sharing my ideas, products, and anything else I could put online.

My idea for starting a blog perhaps should have occurred to me sooner, when I could have published thoughts on other work I was doing at the time. After taking some time to come up with the idea, I knew it would take much time for me to finally start blogging. I have a tendency to spend much time thinking of what I should be doing, when I should spend more time doing what I should be doing. And in that time that I thought about how I should do this, many questions came to mind about how I should do this. I spent much time thinking about questions such as those that would come to mind when reading sections of the WordPress documentation, such as this section. I have also spent some time reading sections of books on blogging, and have visited blogs to get an idea of how I should go about blogging. But I eventually decided to try to make this blog a reflection of who I am, and not try to make it an imitation of another blog. I am sure that I will learn more about blogging as I continue doing so, and I look forward to finding out what happens during this time.

Although I consider this particular blog entry somewhat egocentric, I expect this blog to not be so much about me. I’m not sure if initial entries to blogs typically are introductory, or if they contain some information that would be in the “about” section of them. But as I mentioned earlier, I have decided to try doing this in a way that seems right to me, and to not try to “borrow” ideas from other blogs. I think that if I do, this will be easier for me, and blog entries here will practically write themselves. My lack of experience in doing this may likely become apparent, but I expect to enjoy blogging. Sharing the thoughts and ideas I have is something I would like to do, and I am already beginning to see why so many other people blog.