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My Vacation is Over

It has been more than two weeks since I have posted anything here. This has been one of the longest periods of time between posts to this blog. I had been on a two week vacation, and I have taken a vacation from posting here. And during that time, I have taken time to think of what I do not usually take time to think about. It may have been important for me to think of why I have set this unwritten rule of having blog posts no more than a fortnight apart. It may be best for me to only post here when I have something to write about. And as I like to keep this blog updated, I need to keep myself busy in order to have material to write about. However, I have taken this vacation in order to avoid being busy. So about that all I have to write is this explanation for the lack of material posted here to the few who read what I write.

However, during this vacation, I have taken time to make one change to this blog. One change that might have previously been noticed is that there was a CAPTCHA installed here for a short period of time. After discovering how little the CAPTCHA was doing to prevent spam from being posted here, I installed Akismet. After installing Akismet, I was finally once again able to not be concerned about manually marking posts as spam. I was also able to disable the CAPTCHA, as it became redundant after the installation of Akismet. I apologize to those who would prefer not to solve CAPTCHAs to post comments, although installing a CAPTCHA seemed to be a good idea when I first installed it. I have also been working on my own WordPress plugin for bloggers who want information about who is trying to post spam on their blogs. I am not sure how much more work on WordPress plugins I will do in the future. However, I can tell you that this plugin will be released before long, now that I have returned from this vacation.