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Minor Updates to Software That I Wrote

Although I am not sure what kind of software I should write next, I am certain that I will maintain and update what I have already written. And I have recently found that I needed to update one of my Greasemonkey scripts as well as the Firefox extension that I wrote. The Greasemonkey script that I wrote titled “Link to YouTube Video Pages from Embedded YouTube Videos” was found to not work with an embedded video, so I corrected it. The Firefox extension titled “Bookmark Current Tab Set” that I wrote needed to have an update made to its user interface, and so that update was made. These updates may certainly not have been critical, although I do consider these updates necessary.

This Greasemonkey script that I wrote did not work with embedded videos that were embedded a certain way, and so I made the necessary corrections to it. I also added a feature to it so that it would not add links to YouTube pages on the main Google Video page. This was done because there already is a link below the embedded video that is featured on that page to the page on YouTube where that video can be found. These updates were quite minor, although they needed to be made.

In version 0.2.0 of the Firefox extension that I wrote, I added a menu option that brings up a dialog box. However, it was only after releasing this version of the extension that I thought that I should add an ellipsis to the end of the title of this menu option. I could have checked the extension more thoroughly for errors both in functionality and in the user interface before releasing version 0.2.0 of the extension. However, as is it often said that those who write this kind of software should release early and release often, I chose to release it before I could check for all errors that I might have made in writing it.

I am currently trying to decide on what kind of software to write next, and I am not sure what my focus should be. However, I am sure that I will continue to make the necessary updates to what I have already written.