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Improving on How I Write

It has seemed to me that articles found on sites such as Digg on how one can improve one’s blog have been appearing more often. And it also seems that there are more books available for those looking to improve their blogs. Or perhaps it is that I have been paying more attention to what is being said about blogging. And perhaps a reason I have been paying more attention to anything blogging-related is because I think some advice would be useful, despite what I have said before about articles and books about blogging. I would say that if there is something that I can improve on here, it would be how I write what I write. My way of writing has, perhaps understandably, been criticized. And so as I continue to spend much time ensuring that what I write here is well-written, I look to see what I can do to improve on how I write what is written here.

It might be best for me to look for advice specific to blogs, as opposed to advice on how one can improve on one’s writing in general. I have found that people tend to read what is on a screen somewhat differently from how they read from a sheet of paper. This is something that perhaps I should have known and considered, and I may need to know what I can do differently to make what I write more appropriate for a blog. And so this has made me consider buying a book on this topic, despite that fact that these books often contain information that I may not find useful.

I have thought that I will look back on the first posts to my blog and consider them ones that were written before I became very good at blogging. I have expected to improve over time. However, I may not be able to do that without some advice, whether this advice can be found online or in a more old-fashioned way.