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User Feedback Still Driving the Development of My Greasemonkey Script for Embedded YouTube Videos

I have mentioned before that the software that I have written is written primarily for myself. However, I sometimes gradually lose interest in using the software that I wrote for myself. When this happens, I am not as likely to discover errors in what I wrote. Therefore, those who use what I wrote test my software for me through their use of it. Although these users might not consider their use of my software testing of my software, a sufficiently large number of them will be able to find errors in what I write. Although I would prefer to find errors before these users do, these errors do get corrected regardless of who finds them. Once again, an error was found in my Greasemonkey script that adds links below embedded YouTube videos to the pages on YouTube where these videos can be found. And once again, the discovery of this error was made by a user of this script.

What was discovered may not be considered a bug, as not displaying links below embedded videos that are no longer available on YouTube might be considered expected from this script. However, when I found the time to work on this, I found that the script would add links below videos that are no longer available on YouTube when the option to display video titles is not selected. I needed to find a more appropriate way for this situation to be handled, as the script did not handle this case consistently.

I decided to update the script so that it will always add links below embedded YouTube videos that are no longer available on YouTube. However, it will also add information saying that the title of the video is not available in this case. This information will not be displayed if the option to display titles is not selected. I personally think that this may be considered an appropriate way to handle this situation. However, some might prefer that information on whether or not the video is available always be included in the links added by the script.

If any users have any ideas on better ways to handle this situation, I would like to know what they are. Once again, suggestions from end users will likely be implemented.