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Changes and Future Directions

Sometimes I need to take a break from posting what I usually write about so that I can consider changes to make to this blog. I have tried to keep myself busy by ensuring that I finish writing a good and informative post here at least once every two weeks. However, I understand the importance of posting new entries here only when I have something interesting to write about. I do have a few half-finished drafts that might be finished and posted here at a later time. However, I am not sure what kind of work I should do next. This blog has always been primarily about the software-related work that I do. And since I am considering changing my focus on what kind of software-related work I will do, there may be some changes that will be made to this blog.

As I stated when I first started this blog, I may not be able to choose what my side projects are. Instead, these projects seem to choose me. While I may update and maintain the software that I have written, I have considered doing other work. And as it might take some time for that work to be done, I may need to spend less time writing about my work. Therefore, those who read this blog may find that they will need to wait for longer periods of time for new material to be posted here. I could post the occasional update about what I am doing, although I only plan on posting updates about what I do when that information might be of some interest to those who read what I write. However, I will continue working on this blog, as I have enjoyed working on it.