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This Blog Will Be on an Indefinite Hiatus

I have worked on this blog for more than two years. And during that time, I have posted new material to it at least once every few weeks. And I have enjoyed the time that I have spent writing about topics that I have found interesting. However, the time for me to focus on other projects has come. That means that it will be a longer period of time until any new entries will be posted here after this one.

It is because of an opportunity that recently came about that I may not be able to have the time to keep this blog updated. I also expect to be unable to spend much time updating the software that I have previously written. I am not sure what will be in the future of this blog, nor am I sure about the future of the software that I have written. However, I am quite sure that I will miss working on these projects, and I will look forward to working on them again.