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Blogging at the Speed of Updates to Gmail-Related Software

When I post to this blog, I prefer to do what I can to ensure that what I write here is well-written. So before publishing an entry here, I invest the necessary amounts of time to ensure that what I write here meets the standards that I have set for this blog. Unfortunately, the amount […]

Self-Imposed Software Release Deadlines and Blog Filler

A pattern appears to have formed thus far in the blog entries that I have written. I have been alternating between writing an entry about software that I have written and writing entries that are not specific to any particular software from me. The latter kinds of entries might be considered ones that are primarily […]

Blogging Is Not Easy

I would like to begin this blog post with a warning. It contains comments about blogging that will likely be considered boring by those who are already familiar with blogging. In addition, what is said in it may sound like comments from someone who is something of a “newbie” when it comes to blogging. However, […]

I Blog, Therefore I Am? (Or, I Am, Therefore I Blog?)

As someone who considers himself an individual who tries to keep up with the times in the online world, it may come as a surprise that it is only now that I have started a weblog. I have been familiar with them, but I have never found it necessary for me to have a blog […]