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Category Archives: Greasemonkey

An Update to a Script That I May Not Be Trusted to Update

It was not long ago that I discovered that a number of Greasemonkey scripts that are designed to work with Gmail needed to be updated to work properly again after a few changes were made to Gmail’s code. And it was once I was once again able to access a web browser with Greasemonkey installed on it […]

Making the Best of an Unfortunate Situation

I am presently facing the kind of difficulty that I am sure many other bloggers have encountered. And it is not writer’s block, or anything else related to anything that tends to be be addressed by those who give tips about blogging. The difficulty that I am presently having is that the computer that I […]

Blogging at the Speed of Updates to Gmail-Related Software

When I post to this blog, I prefer to do what I can to ensure that what I write here is well-written. So before publishing an entry here, I invest the necessary amounts of time to ensure that what I write here meets the standards that I have set for this blog. Unfortunately, the amount […]

For Those Who Still Want Gmail the Old-Fashioned Way (Despite Improvements Made to Gmail 2.0)

I was going to write a short entry here in which I mention an update that I made to a Greasemonkey script that I wrote that works with Gmail. The update to this script that redirects the user from the newer version of Gmail to the older one was released two days ago. I am […]

Ten Greasemonkey Scripts for the New Version of Gmail

Much has been said about the new version of Gmail by those who have been able to use it. And much of what has been said about this new version of Gmail has not been particularly positive, according to this article. Those who have been able to use the new version have given a number […]

For Those Who Want Gmail the Old-Fashioned Way

I once again continue where I left off with my previous post here, as I write about the new and old versions of Gmail, and the Greasemonkey scripts that work with each of these versions. As I mentioned, a new version of Gmail has come out, and a number of Greasemonkey scripts that have been […]

Do-It-Yourself Upgrades to the Better Gmail Extensions

There are times that an event occurs that makes it necessary for me to rewrite what I was in the process of writing here. And it was while I was writing this particular entry that three events occurred that made me need to rewrite what I wrote. I was going to write about Firefox extensions […]

Better YouTube: Coming Soon to a Browser Near You?

In the first few days after writing the previous blog entry here, I found myself uncertain of what to write here next. However, it seemed as if the decision regarding what I should write next was made for me after this previous blog entry was featured on Lifehacker. It was after this happened that I […]

Five More Useful Greasemonkey Scripts for YouTube

It was two blog posts ago that I released and wrote about a Greasemonkey script that adds links below embedded YouTube videos that, when clicked, take the user to the YouTube page on which the embedded video can be found. And it was during this time period that I describe as “two blog posts ago” […]

My Last Idea: Even Less Original Than I Thought It Was

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the last Greasemonkey script that I released was one that may or may not have been inspired by a script that already existed. My script, which adds a link to the YouTube page for a video below places where that video is embedded, was similar this one […]